Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's Hurry Up On Treats, Lady!

This is Mr. Dover dog and his sidekick, Miss Daisy. He is sitting nicely because he'd like a treat. He gets A LOT of treats. His favorite are the chewsticks with chicken wrapped around them like a piece of bacon only available at Target. They are ten bucks a bag - he eats about three a week!
He expectantly waits for the goods. My cabinet has TONS of scratches on it from him pawing at it to request a treat. Despite my generous treat-giving, he still finds mischief. He continues to chew on things he isn't supposed to - pretty much anything on a daily basis. He says he can't help it...it's in his Portuguese Water Dog DNA!

Monday, January 11, 2010

If You Like Elvis...

I got this album for Christmas, "Elvis, Timeless Favorites"! Been listening to it while I get my chores done. Fun to dance and sing along with!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brittany Over Her Milk Allergy!!!

My oldest daughter, Brittany, has been severely allergic to milk since she was a tiny baby. We kind of discovered by accident that she has outgrown this allergy! She ate a regular waffle instead of one of the dairy-free ones by mistake and did not have a reaction! We took her to the allergist who tested her and she did not react so I got the go ahead to give her cheese and slowly introduce milk products to her. Isn't that exciting? Yea Brittany!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Drinking Glasses

Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage had these glasses on her blog the other day - she said they were at Target, so today I found them, on sale! They come in different colors - teal, yellow, red, and green. They also have cute coffee mugs in the same colors - I bought a couple of the travel mugs for our lake house in some beachy, bright colors! Thanks, Tina, for the tip!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Cute *New* Stuff Around The Bungalow

Happy New Year! It's been busy around here at the Bungalow...the kids were off school for two weeks so we had lots of fun things going on - playdates, family gatherings, crafts, playing in the snow, gingerbread house making, coloring, etc.! I took down the Christmas decorations last week and have been tidying up. Here are a few new additions around the Bungalow that I thought you'd enjoy.

First, I received my copy of "The Vintage Table" by the editors of one of my favorite magazines, "Romantic Homes".... here are a few pics that have got me excited to pour over each and every page of the book:

Oooh I have one of those Coty bottles...mine's kind of rusty from an Estate Sale!

Cuteness continued!!! Look at those darling chairs..and those teacups! Beautiful!

Here's the book - on top of my fun stack of books I like to peruse before going to bed.

This little rocker I use outside in my garden during the summer but now I kind of like it in my living room grouping! I found that adorable wooden frame on my table at a darling shop in Lake Geneva, IL. I reframed a vintage photo of my daddy with his cousin and grandma from the '40's. It's a favorite of mine!

I also found this vintage "H" at another cool shop in Lake Geneva.

I found this cupcake in the Valentine decorations in Target. CUTE! Even though Valentine's day is a few weeks off, I may just have to put up some decorations now!

These two pillows are new. My dog Dover has destroyed a few of my fun pillows so I have been looking for replacements. One is from "The Victorian Trading Co." - they are online and also send me a catalog that I drool over.

Found these Scottie bookends at a resale shop that benefits an animal shelter. They're heavy and in good condition - $5!

These two cuties I found a place for. They were a garage sale find last fall.

New kitchen cutains a la Target! The Scottie dog stuff were Christmas gifts. Candles, yummy soaps, lotions and Scottie dogs - my family knows me well!

I had some fun dolling up this 7-up box on my kitchen counter.

This hook I found at Target, too! I put it in my guest bedroom.

That's all for now~ always some new changes going on around here! I'm always looking for a new way to freshen things up. Isn't decorating fun?