Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cute Lil' Rocking Chair!

 Look what I found at my favorite antique and resale shop!  Isn't it sweet?  I love how the arms are a mission style and the cute little patchwork on it!  

My four year old daughter and two year old niece couldn't wait to try it out!  I just love to look at it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Been Busy Around Here

 First we had the blizzard...over 20 inches of snow!  The kids had no school for two days.

 My kids loved the snow, though!  They built forts and houses, making living rooms complete with "fireplaces" and places to sleep. I had hats, mittens, jackets, boots, snowpants everywhere!

 Then we had some birthday parties!  Maddie turned 8 and had a pottery party with her friends.

 Next was a ski trip to Steamboat Springs, CO.  What fun we had skiing and taking lessons, too.  The girls are starting to do black diamond slopes! I'm still on the blues.  They really like to ski!

 Back home, I've been adding a few new vintage things, of course.  Here's a needlepoint footstool that I just had to add. It opens so I can hide my treasures in it!

This old chair was at a resale shop for 10 bucks.  I couldn't resist it.   It's a little shabby but I thought it was so charming.

 I've put up a few St. Paddy's Day decorations, too!

 My mother-in-law gave me this darling sign for Christmas.  Isn't it sweet?

And last of all, my silly Elizabeth!  This is what she donned over her p.j.'s the other night.  Nothing like glamming up before bedtime!