Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Fall Goodness

I had this little bird cage on my balcony during the summer months but now I like it inside!
Found this in the alley behind my house... one man's trash is another's treasure!

Walmart sells these pretty candle holders.

I rearranged my family room for fun. I think it's cozier now.

I shop around my house for things to use them differently - I love to change things up a bit.

This is my newest find from a little antique shop I frequent. I wanted to cutsie up this corner and have a place for my little radio on the bottom. I had fun decorating it! Hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful October! My kids are so anxious for Halloween and all the festivities. Next time I'll share another "alley find" (yes I had two this week! I feel like such a trash picker but I'm not!).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Picture Day!!

It was picture day at school recently. My girls love to get all dolled up for it. Maddie was feeling quite silly about it!
I had to curl their hair and help them with their outfits.

Maddie and Bridget looked so pretty! Maddie is in 1st grade and Bridget is in 3rd grade. I really don't want them to get a day older. They can stay like this forever. I love them to pieces!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Silly Girls - All God's Plan

This is what I found the other evening as I went down to see what my girls were doing... they had tried out my banana bread...

And were all COLORING together - but all chuckling...they were drawing silly things on the pictures.

Do you like where Elizabeth took off her slippers and hopped up on the counter, too? I love when they have such a good time together - laughing and being silly with each other. They are such lucky girls to have each other! God sure blessed me when he gave me them. People sometimes ask me if I wish I had had a boy. When I see moments like this, I am happy they are all sisters. God planned it that way!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cute Stuff at Kmart!

I bought this cute pie candle and apple pie tin at Kmart last week while out shopping! They also have a really cute new (I think) Country Living line that I enjoyed admiring. Pretty linens, towels, and plates. Online has a really neat plate selection! (The things I wanted were out of stock - but they'll send you an e-mail when they get it in again, which is nice.) The kids all thought the candle was the most fun purchase! They had other flavors, too: pecan pie and a cinnamon-pumpkin one. How festive!

Friday, October 2, 2009

More Fall Goodness

Here are a few more pics around my house. I just LOVE the fall! I plan to put some pumpkins or more cute stuff in my flower box. Maybe a big spider web! I was inspired by Lisa Janelle at She has a fantastic blog! Such a darling home, too! I feel right at home when I see her darling house!

I recently got this old toolbox out of an estate sale where the house had been shut up for nearly TWENTY years! (I know you estate sale people know what THAT means - LOTS of treasures!) The men going through the tool area in the basement couldn't believe that I wanted it! I was so thrilled!!! Once it was cleaned of the cobwebs and dirt, it had such a pretty wood patina.

Hope you have time to sip some warm apple cider, burn some candles, or start your first warm fire in the fireplace. Enjoy the beauty all around you! God's goodness is all around us! He sends His joy and hugs through the warmth of the colors of Autumn. Give your family a big hug, too! Yesterday I baked some banana bread to cozy up the kitchen. The kids were thrilled! It's the little things that bring the most joy, don't you think?