Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some "Front Room" Pics

My baker's's from Alexandria, Egypt. I lived in Egypt for a couple years when my husband and I were first married. I'll have to post sometime about some of the things in my house from my travels. I lightened my decor and added some Springtime colors! That's my Auntie Sue from MN in the picture. Isn't it sweet?

A resale shop find. I love cheery florals.

Here's a new book I spotted in Country Living magazine that I bought from Amazon. It's a cute little storybook about this lady who finds a cottage in IL and has it moved to a lake in WI. Then she renovates it. It's got some cute pictures - very summery!

Love the cover. That barkcloth is so cute!

I used to have a bunch of family pics on this table but decided to move them to the family room. The wedding picture is of my parents and the babies are my cousin and me.

Have a great rest of the weekend! I'm going to try to take it easy today after a busy weekend of birthday parties. My 12-year old had a sleepover last night. Except I don't think they got much sleep!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Bunny Boy

I got this little frame at Easter. I found this vintage picture of a boy holding a bunny - it was in a box I have filled with old pictures from my great aunt. Most of the pics I know who the people are but this one is a mystery. I have a feeling it was a friend's son or a neighbor boy. Either way, he is ADORABLE in his little hat holding the bunny. Wonder if it was Easter when the picture was taken. That's the one thing I love about scrapbooking - the pictures are labeled with a story so later generations will be able to know about who is in the picture and what was going on at the time!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Adding Some Blues in the Bedroom

I bought this quilt at was so Springy and fresh so I decided to add some more "blues" to my bedroom by just scouting around my house and painting a few things! It came with the shams, too~ good deal!

Moved this from my living room. I love old needlepoint stuff. How neat! I found this at an antique store a few years ago.

A vintage blue plate. I think it's French.

My dresser. Found the set of lamps at Walmart - super cheap - part of their "Better Homes and Garden" collection. They could almost go in any room of the house!

This chair was black. Decided to freshen it up with a coat of blue!

Another old plate. I think I'm going to paint the bookshelf I have it on - maybe an off -white. I may do it this weekend.

Vintage blue tin. I think I found this one on one of my shopping trips in Lake Geneva, WI. Lots of cute little shops there. I enjoy spending $$ there!!

I painted this table, too. Used to be brown. Goes with the "blues" now! Isn't it fun to freshen up for Springtime? I see things all around here I want to paint. I'm thinking of doing my front door next. It's beige. Neutral, pretty, but kind of plain. I think a punch of color would be nice but I can't decide what! I'll keep you posted. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cute Red Vintage Plate

My latest garage sale find...a cute old red plate to go in my laundry room. That's Elizabeth in the photo - her first time in ski lessons in Aspen a few weeks ago. She was hamming it up in the picture! She enjoyed riding on the snowmobile there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cheery Springtime at the Bungalow

Hello Spring! I've been tidying up and doing some Spring clean up around here - inside and out! I've been lightening and brightening my displays around the house to reflect the season. I love to go outside and see the new plants popping out of the ground and hear the birds chirping away, getting their little nests ready!
I made this little banner for my fireplace...I bought the kit at Michael's.

A little birdie peeking out of my pansies. Aren't pansies just so cheerful?

I stuffed some flowers in this little goody I found at a garage sale last year.

Here's my Springtime front porch! I will have to snap some pictures of my garden soon to share with you. Hope you are enjoying the warmth of Spring and all the newness it brings! I can't wait to start planting!