Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Estate Sale Find

I went to one of those estate sales, you know, the ones that are like going back in time...where there is LOTS of treasure but you might have to dig AND get dirty!!!  This guy's basement was FULL of treasure!  At first, I passed her by..she was COVERED in dirt and in a basement.   I even left the sale.  Then I started thinking about the frame...and the picture.  Where would I put it? I studied my house.  Found a spot...hmmm...I could get rid of that picture...and back I went, hoping it was still there.  I said a little prayer...and there she was...marked DOWN another ten bucks... $20!  I bought her home, gave her a good, careful bath and hung her up. It's called "Girl in Blue" by Philipp, with a serial number typed on the back.  I did some research and I think the real name of it is "Shelley on the Balcony."  The lady painted is sitting on a balcony of a hotel near Boston.  Neat!  Now she has a new home in my dining room.


  1. She is gorgeous! I am glad that you went back to get her!! She has a lovely home to live in now.


  2. Great find! Makes me wonder what she's thinking. Glad you went back for her.