Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Summer in a Nutshell

 pretty new bedspread...cottagey with lots of different fabrics of florals

 mixes with lots of pretty pillows  - i love lace and flowers, vintage pillowcases, too

new lamp and table stand...creates a cozy spot to read in my bedroom or just relax

 my daughter Elizabeth is into bug collecting!

 my husband has been running (actually I have, too) but he ran in a half-marathon!

 wow i am impressed by any half or whole marathoners!

yea Daddy a.k.a husband Alan!

 Elizabeth learned to jump off the boat and into the is proficient at jumping from ANYWHERE off the boat!  Yea for getting over fears!

 scuba diving in the lake hoping to discover treasure... just an old cup found...but i liked that!


 doggy wrestling matches with our visiting dog cousin Frank

 two weeks of sailing camp times three daughters ....this one is Maddie in the boat

 sisters looking on

 friends visiting and having LOADS of fun!
 making up plays and recording their homemade movies on their laptops...late nights of giggling!
more beach fun!     XO  Ann

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  1. Looks like you've been having a very busy, but fun summer. I *love* your bedroom - it is so romantic looking. It reminds me of a beautiful bedroom in a B&B!