Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some House and Vignettes...

This bunny is taking a rest. I found the rocker in a thrift store. The bunny is Homegoods. Now he's a Handley Home Bunny.
Front hall table....the picture is of my great-grandma having tea with her friends in Victorian times...I love that picture!! I wonder who her friends were in the picture and what they talked about that day. Did they ever think 100 years later I'd have a photo of that event in my front hall? They all have Victorian dresses on. Really neat.

Top of hutch in Dining Room. The screen is actually from my mud room. I thought it looked cuter there than on the window!

Living Room coffee table...The Farm Chicks new book - really awesome! Check out their website The family photo is my mom, her parents and sister circa 1945. It was taken in my aunt's backyard...right around the corner from where I grew up. My aunt was like a grandma to me - I was at her house all the time. I know exactly where that photo was taken.

Pics of my mom and grandma.

I found the phone in the garbage. The suitcase belonged to my Aunt Alice. The picture is a wedding photo of my Great Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill. They were so in love! I knew them in their old age. He called her "Babe." He loved her so much...after she died, he died shortly after. I think it was from a broken heart. The purse I found in a thrift store. It was so old - I just had to get it. Too cool. The paper is from when my mom was born September 2, 1942.

I had a collection and didn't know it until I put them together!

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