Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel to Africa ~ Via Cairo

The Great Pyramids, Felucca rides on the Nile River, The Valley of the Kings, Karnack Temple, Mosques, King Tut, El Corniche, "Enshal-La," Camels, Donkeys, Pharoahs, History. What can these things only mean? EGYPT !!!

In 1995 my husband and I moved to Cairo, Egypt. He wanted to work overseas...they gave him a few options, and we ended up there. He wanted to see the world, and oh yeah, get out of debt. "They'll pay for our housing, car, it's cheap to live there, etc." So I was talked into it. I didn't have to work.

While we were there (for over two years) we traveled. We did a safari in Kenya. This giraffe sculpture was one of our souvenirs. It's hand carved out of a large log. The ears are sharp! Just ask my daughter who got her leg caught on one, ripped her jeans and required six sutures. She had to tell the ER folks, "I cut my leg on a giraffe sculpture!" I'm sure a first for them. Ha Ha

This wood trunk is from Egypt. I bought it in the Khan-El Khallilli bazaar. It's inlaid wood. The knobs have fallen off. One of these days I'll find a replacemment. It's HEAVY.

Another "Khan" find. Depending on how the light shines on it, King Tut looks at you differently. It's painted on papyrus.

No stay in Egypt cannot be complete without Egyptian perfume and perfume bottles. They have every size and kind. The brass thing is an old mascara applicator from the 1800's. They have a lot of brass and silver there.

Inlaid mother-of-pearl and wood boxes. There's a LOT of that there, too.

My friend called me one day and said a friend of hers was taking a truck to Alexandria and bringing back baker's racks. "$150 each" So I got one. The thing weighs a TON and was shipped across the Atantic Ocean when we moved back. Only one glass shelf had to be replaced. Some of my friends had marble shelves made for theirs.

This is mud pottery. I have a few of these, too. I did have alabaster, too, but my vase broke.

Although this is a German clock, I found this in the Khan market while in Egypt. It has a beautiful chime and is from the 1800's. Maybe the English brought it with them when they occupied Egypt.

Blown glass. They have a lot of this there, too. This is my set. You can watch the artesians making it in their shops. They blow it with their mouths!

Tapesties, rugs, lace...all available there. My husband went to Syria for a week and brought this back for me. It's made in Iran. I also have a Persian rug from Syria. I often get asked, "What was it like there?" Answer: Very different! Some good, some bad. The Egyptians are a friendly people. They are proud of their history and the awesome things they have from their ancestors! However it is very poor there. It is sad to see how most of the world lives. While we have so much in the US and forget so easily how much of the world struggles. It was dusty and dirty there! The weather was beautiful. I met so many great people. Lots of good times. Fun travels. I missed my family and friends back home, though. I am grateful for American grocery stores! My time there was something I will never forget and it opened my eyes to how big the world is and how much of it I still need to see and learn about. Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Egypt!


  1. Ths is great, Ann! I'm obsessed with that mascara applicator and the baker's rack--OMG--what a treasure!

  2. I have to agree it is pretty neat! Alan has a lighter he bought in the same market that is also really cool. I could do a few more posts of all the stuff in my house from our travels. After walking around my house I realized I have so much from our trips that I just pass by forgetting where I got it!

  3. Love your blog! This is my first visit and I look forward to following along!


  4. You have really pretty + classy stuff! Greaaaat!

  5. where are those shops with glasses in khan el khalili?