Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome to the Dining Room

The Dining Room. Sometimes these rooms aren't used much. In my house we are in it often. When you come in my house, you have to pass through it to get to the rest of the house. We celebrate holidays and special occasions in here. Otherwise we do homework and projects in here. It's a versatile room! I also store all my treasured china and glassware. My hutch is stuffed full and I always seem to be able to squeeze in one more precious piece.
The chandelier I LOVE. It's designed by Tracy Porter. She has some amazing decorating books - also a website if you are interested in checking her out! A really neat designer - both of home AND fashion.
I did something this week that freaked out my husband...I painted my dining room table! It was damaged on the top so I thought why not paint it? First I painted it white, which turned out to be too stark. Then I painted it beige. It's a fun change, I think.

There is a Scottie to greet you in my dining room... don't worry he won't bite!

This is the staircase off the dining room...thought I'd share it, too. The mirror was found in an old barn in Wisconsin and my sweet husband brought it home for me!

A little table in my dining room to display stuff on...found it at a garage sale last summer.

This shows my new addition I found at Homegoods today - I've been looking for a "vintagey" looking sign for my house and I loved the colors in this one. Just had to buy it!!!

My flash made the colors look funny but it is really pretty!

A corner shelf dresses up this area above the wine cellar.

Here's my dining room table again. My husband thinks I'm nuts.

Top of my hutch...

And that's the lastest tour of my dining room! Now I'm off to ask my husband for help in hanging a little chandelier light fixture over my kitchen sink. Wish me luck!

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