Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sailing Camp Summer 2010

My three oldest girls, Brittany, Bridget and Maddie took sailing camp this summer. They've been doing this for a few summers now. It's really fun! They spend a week learning and practicing, then on the last day they show us what they've learned and get a little graduation certificate.
This is my oldest, Brittany. She's been doing this the longest. She is 12 and practiced on larger boats this year.

Future Sailor Brittany!

Elizabeth came to watch. She's 4 so she's not old enough yet for camp. Instead her cousin Jack came up to visit for a few days and stay at our summer cottage.

Maddie - our girl #3 - she had to help carry her boat out of the water. She is all muscle! She is 7 and will start second grade soon. She's missing her two front teeth. This girl is a BRAIN...she will tell you all sorts of facts and figures. Loves to read and is so observant! We are always amazed at the details she'll give us on a particular topic. Especially animals!

Bridget - our petite daughter #2 - she enjoyed her camp, too! The instructors were really impressed with her and said she had a natural ability to tell which the direction the wind was coming from. Who knew she had this hidden talent! She also as a friend making ability. By the end of the camp she had another best friend. She knew everything about this other little girl - they had a play date the next day. (If you look at the group pic they have their arms around each other and yes they are the same age! Bridget is tiny!)

They demonstrated their sailing skills for us! It was fun to watch the kids in their little sail boats!

Such a beautiful day in at Lake Geneva!

Now my husband and Alan are going to learn to sail, too! We have to take 27 hours of instruction - 3 hour classes at a time. I hope I'll enjoy it as much as my kids did! I've had one class so far. I'll keep you posted on how it's going.

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