Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Garden

Here are some pictures of the Bungalow with all my summer plants in bloom!
My potato vine are doing great this year!

Mr. Squirrel enjoys my garden, too!

I don't get to spend enough time out here. I sure do love all the flowers though. Better enjoy them while I can! Chicago summers don't last long. One of these days I will post about what this house looked like before we moved in. Everything you see is what I've planted. All the house had were some ugly old bushes. Hope you've enjoyed my little tour!


  1. You've inspired me! We have a wide Georgian, and Tom and I have been talking about getting rid of the bushes in front and planting something a little more interesting.

  2. Hi Ann, it is so nice to meet you! You had left a comment on my blog, so I'm checking yours out, too. I *love* your landscaping - it is gorgeous! I can certainly relate to the Chicago summers being short...I live in the far northern suburbs (of Chicago). I'll be adding your blog to my list of faves. :-)


  3. Hi Ann: "Bungalow" caught my eye on another blog and I'm glad I stopped by. We have a 1921 Arts and Crafts bungalow. I'm enjoying "visiting" yours.