Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lovin' My New Hardwood Floors

New couches to go with the newly refinished hardwood floors came last week. Can't wait to start putting up fall decorations! Is it too early?
I brought up Great-Grandma's trunk and added it to the room.

Dover got a new dog bed. Stay off those new couches, Dover!!!

He's not too sure about that.

Then I took my white table and a corner shelf and painted them black. I like the change!

My antique chair is here for now. I feel like I'm in a new house! The kids are back in school. Elizabeth starts preschool next week. The house is so much more organized when I have time to get things done and not "mom" requests all day long! Hooray for school! :-)

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  1. Your floors look beautiful! I just love wood floors and have them through out my house too. I can totally relate to the wonderful sanity of a school day. Unfortunately for me, we live in NY where the children are off 2 days for Jewish holidays. My boys went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and that's it. Such a tease!!! Today I have my 2 boys and 4 of their friends at my house. I barely collected my sanity during my brief reprieve.