Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cottagey Shutters

 I found these shutters in the alley the other day.  At first, I passed them by.  I thought, "What would I do with those?" But they stayed on my mind.  Do you ever have that happen?  So I walked around my house, wondering what I'd do with them  Then I spotted where I could put them.  I also knew my husband would think I'm nuts.  I don't think he's even noticed them yet.  Ha! Ha!

 They needed a little cleaning and I added some wreaths,  I might dress them up more with vintage hankies or cute cloth napkins.

                                                 I like them!   They are keepers!

And lastly, Dover.  What a hard dog life, don't you think?


  1. What a Find! Yes I have done that only to find that when I went back to get it ... It was gone! :( You are my kind of gal ! I love the pictures of your home . I To Love STUFF!!! I like just the Wreath on them. Simple but attractive. On the way to my house a year or so there was a old Wheel Barrow put out for the Trashman & every time I would drive buy it would taunt me! So Finally I stopped & grabbed it. I found out why they were pitching it. It only had one handle. LOL! Guess it was for a one armed Guy! LOL! Anyway I put it in my Flower bed & layed it on its bad side! It looks Great!

  2. Wish I could find something like that! I love their shabby chicness! Adore your home, love the shamrock on the fireplace. Beautiful blog! xx

  3. Perfect! Perfect price and perfect location1
    THANKS for the visit to my place and your kind words!

  4. Adorable!

    I garbage picked a gorgeous bookshelf. It was in sorry shape, but the craftmanship was amazing. I sanded, painted, and it turned out beautifully.