Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great Aunt's Chair

 My mom is downsizing and no longer has room for this chair.  It once belonged to my great-grandmother, then her daughter, my great-aunt had it, then my mom.  It's got beautiful carved wood arms and legs on it.  According to my mom, it came from the Netcher family who my great-grandmother worked for back in the early 1900's as a maid and cook.  They owned the Boston Store when it was in Chicago.  They would give my great-grandmother their old things when they bought themselves new stuff!

 I found this at the local Salvation Army store...I fell in love with it!  I don't have much room in my house but I moved stuff around to find a spot for it.  Now it's "home."

 I found these curtain panels while out antiquing.  They had the whole set but I just bought a couple panels to add to my dining room. These pictures don't really do them justice - the colors are so vibrant. 

And lastly, this pillow is from Salvation Army, too.  I think it looks like a "grannie pillow"  and so homey looking.  Plus it's cheery and spring-like!


  1. The chair looks adorable and very 'at home'. What a great find with your cabinet! Lovely pictures! xx

  2. I love the way youve done your window treatments! Lovin everything actually.