Friday, May 15, 2009

Family Room

This is my mom as a baby in the 1940's. How sweet! Would you believe the daffodil tray was in the trash!! Now who would throw something as cute as that away! That old screen was from one of my old basement windows. I love the rust color on it. The shades and lamps are from two different garage sales - I hot glued the fringe on them.

A cozy spot to sit and watch t.v. and relax by the fire. Maybe read the paper?

Another resale shop find. How about that old teddy bear? Someone must've loved him to have kept him so long!

A shabby french looking table in my corner. One of my favorite antique shop finds! I hang my old aprons on a coat rack next to the table.

This is where we mostly hang out. This room is open to my kitchen. Originally the space was two small bedrooms. We knocked walls and closets out to create this space. I can cook in the kitchen and talk to everyone while they are reading or watching a program. Even though it's a "modern" space - I still try to keep it with the vintage 1920's look.

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