Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to The Handley Bungalow! Hi my name is Ann and this is my first blog! I have been faithfully reading lots of your wonderful blogs out there and thought it'd be fun to write one, too! I enjoy home and family - decorating, rearranging, finding cute new things for my house, cooking, and making my house a cozy, welcoming home. I live in a 1927 Chicago bungalow that has been a labor of love since we moved in. My husband Alan and I have been married for nearly 15 years and have four daughters - Brittany 11, Bridget 8, Maddie 6 and Elizabeth 2. We also have two dogs - an 11 year old Silky Terrier named Daisy and a puppy Portuguese Water Dog named Dover (yes the same dog as President Obama!) I never realized that there were so many people out there like me until I discovered the blog world! I enjoy cottage style - love antiques, going to resale shops/garage sales - the thrill of the hunt. The picture above is my living room - we just remodeled it last year after the cracked plaster ceiling was about to come down!


  1. Welcome to Blogland Ann! I am so happy you are here - your home is precious! ((((hugs))))


  2. Welcome Ann! Thanks for inviting me to view your new blog! I just KNOW you will get so much reward in all the beautiful people you will meet in blogland and everyday I get inspired by something or somebody who I have met or seen here. Your home is just so cozy and beautiful. Don't get overwhelmed..just take one day at a time and "Embrace" it :)...Your friend from the heart......LisaJanelle