Friday, May 29, 2009

My Favorite Lake House

Welcome to our Lake House! We are so excited that it is finally summertime and we can go up to our Lake House for fun summer weekends! We go swimming, boating, jet-skiing, we have friends and family over, play games, watch movies, bbq, read, and just have wonderful family time together!

Dover eating my Hostas at the Lake House - naughty puppy! (He mostly just tears them out of the ground - I don't think he actually eats them.)

I planted some flowers last weekend while we were up there.

View from our back deck - it was rather chilly - not too many boats yet.

Elizabeth says, "Come on in!"

We have a tiny eating area in the kitchen. It is surrounded by forest - in the winter time the deer sleep outside next to the house. Really neat! We don't get that in the city.

Dresser in the bedroom.

The Master Bedroom is in the basement/lower level. We have a screened in porch off it.

This is where we hang out - the main family area. There are decks and screened in porches around it. That's Maddie in the rocking chair - she's daughter #3. She's in Kindergarten - soon to be promoted to 1st grade! The girls play so well together when we are there - they play board games, watch movies together, draw, swim... it's so much fun and I know they will have great memories!!! This summer two of them will take sailing camp with their cousins from Seattle. We'll stay there for a week when they do that. I'm looking forward to another delightful summer spent there.

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