Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heirloom Party

There is a blogger Heirloom Party going on - I have loads of heirlooms! I love to know where they came from and the story behind each item and person. This is my paternal Great-Grandma's Chair.
maternal Great-Grandma's Chair

Loads of family photos - one is my grandma and her brothers and sisters - all together my great-grandma had 15 kids! I can't imagine how she did that.

The blue chair belonged to her. These are my great-grandparents Margaret and Stephen. The man and his son are my great-great grandfather and great-grandfather. Would you believe my goofy relatives had these hanging in their basement ABOVE their washer and dryer???

This is my Great-Aunt Alice. See that necklace she is wearing?

Here it is in this shadowbox! She is also wearing it in this photo.

This is that little girl Alice's mother, Alma. She was from Sweden. I have her picture, her chair in my living room, and original papers from Sweden. (Lower right framed paper.) I have her sewing machine, too, with instructions in Swedish!

Alma's brother came from Sweden, made this while he was here, then went back to Sweden!

Alma and Alice's dishes.

A plate from Alma and Alice.
I love how victorian it looks. Plus that neat turquoisy blue color. Yum!


  1. I love your old potos and frames!

  2. Above the washer and dryer?! I'm glad you put them in the proper place :)

    Gorgeous heirlooms!


  3. What a cute blog. I love the pictures of your home. I'm a lover of anything old and have been a doily collector forever. Great post and I'll definitely be back as a regular.
    Marilyn in NM
    at Ivy and Lace Cottage