Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little Miss Elizabeth

This is Elizabeth. She is three years old. She has naturally curly hair and big brown eyes. She is my big helper in the garden. She loves bugs. She has a bug collection! She also likes elephants and frogs. She enjoys coloring and painting. I tried to take some pictures of her. But she was not very cooperative. She didn't want to smile for me. She's like that - wants things on her own terms. Often she requests a cookie for breakfast. She doesn't appreciate when I make her eat something nutritious instead. I have been known to be a "mean mom" when I don't oblige. Most of the time, though, she likes me and wants to hang out with her mommy.
She just had to wear the tights today. It was important.

This is called "keep away from mommy." It's a fun game when mommy is trying to take pictures of you.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Miss Elizabeth. Soon she will start preschool!

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