Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summertime at the Bungalow

My flowers are all in bloom - it's the best time of the year in my flower garden! Those black-eyed Susans are so cheery!

I can't believe how big this Hosta has grown this year!!

Our crazy Portuguese Water Dog - Dover!!!

Some pics around the house - I made the soap dish this week out of a plate and an old crystal wine glass from the resale shop. We'll see how long it lasts with all the kids around here! Oops I see I need a new lightbulb in one of the fixtures!

I framed this vintage postcard of a bear. He's a new addition to the bathroom.

One of my garage sale finds today - it has a cute kitten on the back part of the seat but the teddy is covering it. I bought it at my daughter's friend's garage sale - the kids are donating their profits to charity. How awesome is that!

Another garage sale find - I thought it was so unique and for $6 I knew I could find a place for it in my house!

A cozy spot in my bedroom to read one of my favorite magazines "Romantic Homes." I have saved every issue for about the last 15 years. That and "Home Companion" which was just discontinued. I think I'll need counseling because of that!!

Tweaking in the bedroom - I added the little shelf on the wall to the left.

I'm always rearranging my things. I need a new look all the time! Those vintage hankies I found have "mother" and my initial "A" embroidered on them. How pretty!

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