Monday, July 19, 2010

Hawaii 2010

It began with a limo ride...
our trip to paradise...

where there are palm trees and ocean views year round!

This was the view from our hotel balcony - it was so pretty to see the ocean.

The kids and grandma took a ride to see the Big Island of Hawaii from a helicopter.

My oldest daughter, Brittany, went scuba diving with my husband. They swam with dophins and had such fun seeing the beauty of the ocean underwater. Brittany also did her first night dive!

We went on a glass bottom boat ride! We saw turtles, coral, and fish.

Grandma came, too! This is Grandma and the Handley girls.

We went to a luau. My oldest daughter, Brittany, got to go up on stage with the dancers! That's her in the black and white dress.

They also talked me into some overpriced henna tattoos by the pool.

My three littlest girls. They also were able to do a dophin quest! It as a wonderful trip!

Me looking out at a heavenly view. Sigh....


  1. What a luxurious way to start your vacation getaway! Wow! Nothing is more comfortable and luxurious than riding in a limo. I miss spending a vacation with my family! I should probably start planning one now.

    -Earnestine Novick

  2. What better way to roll in the streets of Hawaii than to do so while sitting pretty onboard a limousine! That would definitely make you feel that you’re on vacation! Anyway, I think the best part of your vacation is that you know that everyone enjoyed every second of it. :)