Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Guest Bedroom

Welcome back to my vintage guest bedroom....I have it LOADED with all sorts of sentimental things...I've had to change out a few pillows since the arrival of Mr. Dover Dog who liked to jump up there and chew them up! He's lucky I love him so much because when he chewed up a vintage needlepoint I wasn't too happy...

This little table I move around the house...from out on my porch to my room to my family room. At the moment it's here.

I love lots and lots of pillows...

Mix and match fabrics and pillows.

All the photographs in this room are of my family or my husband Alan's family. The lady is my Aunt Alice that a lot of my "old stuff" is from. That's her little travel suitcase there. The window came from our old screen door. We had to replace it but I kept that window. It was just too cute!
I hung a cute old coat on the door. An idea I got from here. I have this "thing" for vintage coats. They are so cute. I even bought an old robe because the fabric on it was so delightful. It's in my closet!
Found this phone in the trash. The kids LOVE it! The old clock was my grandfather's. It has his initials engraved in it. The photos are me and my cousin when we were newborns. I think it came from my grandma's house.

Well, well, well. Who do we have here? This is the trouble maker. See the teeth marks on the end of the bed!!! He hops up here when I'm on my computer! Off, Dover!!! Now you see who chewed up my pillows. (He's saying "Who, me?") YES, YOU!!!

I also love vintage dogs - these were my great-grandma's.
View out the window. The ivy is really crazy on this side of the house! It grows right over the windows! Hope you enjoyed my little tour! Thanks for being my "guest" today!

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